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  • Where can I get my own UPC code?
    You can buy a UPC code for your company HERE
  • Where can I get my own ISRC code?
    You can buy an ISRC code for your company HERE
  • How do I create an ISRC code?
  • What type of files should my audio be?
    .wav files ( 44.1k 16bit Stereo files ) NO .mp3 files
  • Can I send higher quality files?
    Yes, TrueHD Audio: 44kHz/24bit WAV, 96kHz/24bit WAV MFiT audio: 96kHz/24bit WAV, or 192kHz/24bit WAV SOURCE RESOLUTION must be 24-bit at ALL TIMES (at no point during recording, mixing, or mastering, can the source resolution be LESS THAN 24 – bit) NO UPSAMPLING from a lower sample rate to a higher sample rate
  • How should my audio files be labeled?
  • What CAN’T I include on my artwork?
    Logos, producer credits, altered “Explicit Content” logos. This is the official "Parental Advisory Label" Use ENGLISH LETTERS, numbers, dashes and underscores ONLY, Abbreviations will not be accepted **IMPORTANT: COVER ART TEXT (artist and title) MUST MATCH the text in the associated label copy EXACTLY. ANY content marked as EXPLICIT in the label copy MUST HAVE a Parental Advisory logo included on the cover**
  • What type of file should my artwork be?
    .jpg file ( 3000 X 3000 pixels, 600 PPI ) Cover Art MUST BE square at a minimum 3000 x 3000 pixels The corresponding density has to be a MINIMUM OF 600 DPI (dots per inch)
  • How should my art files be labeled?
  • What type of file should my video be?
    .mov file ( Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), HD 1920 X 1080 ) VIDEO FILES MUST be in: Apple ProRes 422(HQ) HD 1920 X 1080 Resolution 29.97i / 29.97p / 25i / 25p / 24p / 23.98p Frames Stereo Audio must be paired
  • How should my video files be labeled?
    Music Video: (no blank spaces) Feature/Trailer:
  • Why was my Video Rejected?
    Videos that contain release dates, 3rd party company logos or anything that can be considered advertisements This is not acceptable for any partner Please look to remove this before you schedule as a digital release or supply the video. Label or artist logos are permitted but must be on screen for less than 3 seconds. Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 (LT), H.264 and MP4 are NOT ACCEPTABLE codecs VIDEO CODEC MUST BE: “Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)” in a QuickTime container (**.mov) Head and tail build must abide by one of the following options: Start on the first frame of picture and finish on the last frame, WITH NO FRAMES OF BLACK OR 5 seconds of black and silence at the head and 1 second at the tail. AUDIO WILL FAIL AS DUAL CHANNEL MONO (L and R audio are identical). Audio MUST BE STEREO and in phase Videos that have a 23.98 frame rate with REPEATED, DROPPED FRAMES and/or INTERLACING are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Videos with a 23.98 frame rate MUST BE FULLY PROGRESSIVE An audio sample rate of 44.1kHz IS NOT SUPPORTED, it MUST BE 48 kHz, even for editorial audio replacements AUDIO MUST BE 16-bit or 24-bit, A 32-bit “float” rate is not acceptable The AAC audio codec is NOT supported. Audio Codec MUST BE the Linear PCM codec Poor audio/video sync is not acceptable. AUDIO/VIDEO MUST BE PROPERLY SYNCED on all video content
  • What is a "(c) line"? What is a "(p) line"? What is the difference between them?"
    The Ⓟ Notice The purpose of a ℗ notice is to signify that rights exist in a sound recording (or "phonogram", hence "P" notice) and to identify the owner of those rights. The © Notice While ℗ notices are unique to sound recordings, the ©, or copyright, notice is used to signify copyright in a range of works other than sound recordings. In the case of music, the © notice is usually used in reference to copyright in the cover artwork. You can find a detailed explination HERE
  • Can I post promo audio & video clips?
    Yes, if you upload them directly to Facebook or Instagram they must be under 30 seconds long.
  • Can I upload my project to Youtube?
    Yes, but uploads will be blocked automatically before street date and monetized automatically after street date. If a label uploads something to Youtube before that audio is scheduled to be live, they should send NBD the Youtube link here and we will clear it.
  • Can I upload my project to Soundcloud?
    Yes, but the project MUST be uploaded to the artist’s official page ONLY. Uploads to any other page will be taken down by Soundcloud. If you would like to upload to a page other than the artist’s official Soundcloud page or additional pages please contact NBD prior to the release date.
  • Can I upload my project to VEVO?
    Labels should not deliver directly to VEVO. VEVO can also publish to youtube to the artist’s Vevo channel on youtube (for example all content that goes up through VEVO would also be published to the vevo/youtube page. If an artist manually uploads to their own youtube channel AND we deliver to the VEVO Youtube channel, their upload will be blocked as a duplicate. If we know that they are planning to upload directly to their own youtube channel, we can tell the VEVO team not to publish to youtube so there are no duplicates.
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